How we generated 46.5 Lakhs In Revenue at 10 X ROAS

Goal 🎯

To generate sales on the website using FB ads Profitably

Budget 💰

4 lakhs over a period of 5 months.

Strategy 🔎

The ticket size of the dresses was expensive and that was required to get a high ROAS. Therefore after figuring out the target audience, who were the decision-makers and could afford the dresses, we ran cold conversion campaigns to this audience base, after which we ran strong retargeting and Look-Alike Audience campaigns to get High ROAS. Our strategies are simple yet effective as we analyze consumer psychology & behavior before crafting and running our campaigns!

Result ⛑

Got them 476 sales on the website with a value of 46.5 lakhs at a whooping ROAS of over 10X, much higher than the industry average!

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