How we generated over 3700 Quality Leads for a leading Real estate Firm


To build a highly successful Facebook campaign that will bring in quality leads for their 2BHK homes and Plots in Bangalore.


The overall Budget of the client for the Quarter was 40 Lakhs and we took up the responsibility to get the client leads that convert and make the campaign a success!


The strategy was simple, we targeted the audience base which could afford the flats as they started from 1.1 Cr, we ran Lead generation ads to the prospects and collected the Data in facebook forms, after which the sales team contacted these people, which resulted in site inspection and overall conversions for our client! We made sure we ran retargeting ads to the interested audiences by building a custom audience with the data collected and also with the data the client existing had, we approached the prospects with different creatives and Videos and after continuous A/B testing scaled up the ones that performed the best! The marketing strategy was to keep attractive offers for the prospects, which would result in a higher CTR and would result in more inquires to come in!


We Generated over 3700 Quality leads for the business with CPL < 1000 Rupees, with a 30-35% leads increment and 40% lower CPL. Although it may seem that 1000 Rupees per lead is a huge cost to acquire a lead, we need to take into consideration the average ticket size of a customer which is 1.1 cr +, and hence it made sense to spend more to acquire leads, and we made sure that we provided quality leads, and that's the reason we are still working with Our client as we make sure our campaigns are profitable to our clients in the short term or Long term depending upon campaign objectives and Goals.

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