How we generated 400 orders for a safety wear clothing company at 500 % ROI!


To maximize online sales of their high visibility clothing section through the website using Google Adwords.


The client had a budget of 4000 Pounds / Quarter, and we made sure we used this budget efficiently and provided a ROAS of 500 %


We targeted the keywords in the niche with high volumes with great ad copy to set us aside from the competition, we ran ads to cold audience collected data, and then used custom audience to run highly targeted ads. We made sure we retargeted customers who abandoned carts etc, and this was the reason for our high overall ROI! We also ran visual google ads to cold audiences to collect imp data! The marketing Idea was to drive the traffic with great and attractive ad copy,s and creatives to our website with great offers and retarget this audience consistently resulting in a greater number of Online sales!


We got around 400 orders from our website with an increase of 55% from the previous quarter and cost/order has been decreased by 60%. All this resulted in a total Conversion value of 17800 Pounds with an ads budget of 3600 Pounds results in a very highly profitable campaign with a ROAS of almost 500%

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